Friday, May 2, 2008

California High School Fencing Championships

When: May 4, 2008 (Sunday)

Location: 9229 Haskell Ave
North Hills, CA 91343

Our fencers will meet in the Orange gate at 9:00AM

All 6 -weapons. Men and women fence separate. Individual tournament.

10 AM - Men's and Women's Foil

1 PM - Men's and Women's Epee

3 PM - Men's and Women's Saber

High School ONLY.
Entry fee: $7.00 per event.
$15 at the door.
No more then 2 cross overs.

HOM will be there around 12 ish.

Alex Gruman epee, saber, foil
Terry Dix epee, saber, foil
Derek Cotton, epee, saber, foil till 2 PM

See you Sunday,

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

March 19 Foodsale

We will be sellling popsicles and ice-cream for the upcoming food sale. We will have a meeting tomorrow, so please show up.

Welcome Back A-Track

Hey Fencers, welcome back. We will start practices this Wednesday afterschool to 5:00 depending on how many people actually show up. Let's keep on working on footworks and lunges. I will teach new techniques this semester, so let's get this ball rolling!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Message for next Thursday

I'm very disappointed only two people showed up today. To make sure everybody attends to all practices, from now on, FIVE ABSENCES will mean you will no longer have any equipments. I will simply give it to new members who will join. So, I am going to be nice and not going to count today for everyone who didn't come. Attendance will be taken every practices from hear on. So get your act together! See you next Thursday.